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postheadericon Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes – Cooking Turkey Wings and Rice

What is Electric Pressure Cooker?    

An electric pressure cooker is an example of the products of technology that are specifically designed to make life much easier and more convenient when it comes to preparing food.

The device is made of aluminum or stainless steel and it is more advanced in technology in comparison to traditional cooking devices like pots, kettles and frying pans.

This is because electric pressure cookers use electricity in order to function and they incorporate the concept or principle of pressure in order to serve their primary use of heating and cooking food.

Since electric pressure cookers use electricity to work, they do not need other sources of heat such as electric ranges and cooking stoves, which is different from most traditional methods of cooking.

Cooking with Electric Pressure Cooker

You can use an electric pressure cooker anywhere and anytime as long as electricity is available. Cooking using this device is easy because you just have to place food inside it and remove it after a short time. It is possible to cut cooking time significantly because an electric pressure cooker can cook two to three times faster.

For instance, you can cook beans in ten minutes compared to forty five minutes of cooking them in an ordinary pan. One of the electric pressure cooker recipes that you can use to prepare a delicious meal for lunch or dinner is the turkey wings and rice recipe.

The Ingredients

The ingredients that you need in this recipe are:

  • 2 to 3 large turkey wings
  • one quartered onion
  • a cup of rice, garlic powder
  • season salt and pepper.

How to Cook:

  • When ready, start by rinsing the turkey wings in cold water and then place them in your pressure cooker.
  • Then fill the pressure cooker with about two cups of water or water that is adequate to cover the top of the turkey wings just barely.
  • After this, add the onions to the turkey wings and then season them with garlic powder and season salt generously.
  • After this, sprinkle pepper on the wings lightly.
  • Then lock the pressure cooker’s lid down and attach your gauge or pressure regulator on ten pounds of pressure by turning the heat on medium high until the pressure has been attained.
  • When the pressure is reached, the electric pressure cooker will produce a snap sound and the gauge will begin rocking.
  • You should then reduce the heat a little bit but ensure that the rocking noise does not subside.
  • Cook for about forty five minutes and be careful to ensure that the liquid in the cooker does not dry out.
  • If the water runs out, one of the indications that the cooker will show is that the gauge will stop rocking.
  • Turn the heat off and let the cooker cool down gradually. After it is cool, you can now take the lid off, lift out the turkey wings and leave the soup or broth behind. 
  • At this juncture, you can now add the cup of uncooked rice to pressure cooker and add an adequate amount of water to cover the top of the rice. 
  • Then stir the rice and turkey wings together and cook them in medium heat while uncovered for fifteen to twenty minutes or until when the rice is ready.
  • It may be essential to add a little water as the rice cooks so that it does not stick to the cooker.
  • When the meal is ready, you can serve the turkey wings as they are or pull the meat off the bones whereby you can serve the rice and meat only.

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